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Dyson wants to apply his DDM to EV's:


The author got a few facts wrong, as I have been reading every article I could find on the Dyson Digital Motor (DDM) since it was first announced. The DDM is used in a few products, and it turns at 100,000 rpm's, not 10,000 rpm's, as the article states. Many standard motors with brushes can turn at 10,000 rpm's. Prior to the DDM, the fastest electric motors turned at 30,000 or 40,000 rpm's, so it is an enormous breakthrough. I am not certain, but I thought some racing engines (ICE) went above 20,000 rpm's.

I would be thrilled to see the DDM scaled up for EV use, be it in wheel motors or motors with transmissions / transaxels. This approach should achieve greater range and performance, as that rpm range allows for very high low end torque, as well as high top speeds. Better range and performance could also be used to reduce battery pack size - reducing upfront costs.
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