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Dusido Charger Owner's Manual?

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I got a used Dusido Dostar Lvl 2 charger the same day I got my volt, but the seller didn't have the original owner's manual and I've not been able to locate one on the net.

I realize there's really not much to it - apparently I'm using it correctly because it charges the car. But I'm an anal engineer so I like having the manual.

Anyone have a pdf copy?

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Ok. It's working so I'm happy.

BTW, I see you guy are from Cali. I was out there last week between LAX and Rosemond. I saw quite a few Volts on the road.

I got a 2016 Prius while I was there so I was doing my part as best I could with what was available from Avis.
So this one will function as a level 1 if I use 120VAC? It came with the 240/20amp plug installed.
Got a pin-out so I can know how to wire it? The ground lug is obvious, I just need to know which of the other legs should be the "black always hot" 120V connection.

Cool, thanks!

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