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Dusido Charger Owner's Manual?

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I got a used Dusido Dostar Lvl 2 charger the same day I got my volt, but the seller didn't have the original owner's manual and I've not been able to locate one on the net.

I realize there's really not much to it - apparently I'm using it correctly because it charges the car. But I'm an anal engineer so I like having the manual.

Anyone have a pdf copy?

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I’m this regard (120/240 switchable with appropriate adapter) the unit is like the oem. Just remember at level 1 limited to charge at 12 amps.

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...or 8 amps - user has to select amperage in the center stack when using 120 volt (L1 charging) for model years 2013 and above. Maximum current is automatically selected when using 240 volts. User doesn't have to do a thing if L2 charging.... other than plug the EVSE into the car 8^)
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