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Dusido Charger Owner's Manual?

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I got a used Dusido Dostar Lvl 2 charger the same day I got my volt, but the seller didn't have the original owner's manual and I've not been able to locate one on the net.

I realize there's really not much to it - apparently I'm using it correctly because it charges the car. But I'm an anal engineer so I like having the manual.

Anyone have a pdf copy?

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Agree, there isn't a manual available. Basically if you have a power, connected, and charge lights doing their thing, all is good.
The pinout for 120 is exactly the same as it would be for 240. the "normal" pin is neutral, the sideways pin is hot, and the ground, again, obvious. That's if you have a 240 6-20 plug, which I think is their standard plug.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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