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If GM wants to make their Volt program anywhere near to feasible then they will need to offer a great warranty on the car. Most people will be cautious since all electric cars are a new thing and no one knows how well they will endure regular use.

I hope you guys back it up with a great warranty or I won`t be getting it.
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I'm pretty sure they will. You're absolutely right. People aren't going to plunk down a serious amount of cash on new, unproven technology without some confidence in the manufacturer. If GM gives us the sort of standard 36 mos. 36,000 mile it's not going to cut it on this one. We need to see that GM has faith that the car will go at least 7 to 10 years without failure. Even if people have no intentions of keeping a car for ten years, they want to know they could.

A lot of the warranty questions will have to do with ownership of the battery pack. If they only lease us the pack, then that will affect the warranty on the rest of the car.
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