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Duplicate contacts for phone

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My wife has her IPhone paired to our 2016 Volt, and when we look at "contacts" for the phone on the Volt, my cell number (and home number) are in there twice under my name.
So if she tries the phone with voice commands, and says "call ALLAN Mobile" the response is, "Multiple mobile phones for ALLAN" and we can't figure out a way to tell the car which one to use.
Any ideas? Is it maybe downloading favorites AND also the rest of the contacts from the IPhone? It doesn't seem to be possible to delete one of the numbers from the Volt's contact list
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I'm also getting two entries for each phone number. Using Android. The dash screen shows two instances of the same number and asks which one to use. I have to say "1" or "2" and it then makes the call. Annoying.....
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