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Kept getting the above DTC P0D59 latching on my Gen1. Didn't affect charging and so I would just clear it via the OBD-II tool but it would then just latch again after a couple of days.

Funny thing about this DTC or the corresponding DTC P0D58: Proximity Detection Circuit Low Voltage are only checked for when NOT plugged in and charging so this code would latch randomly while I was out driving.

What resolved this issue on my Gen1 was the replacement of the X98 hybrid battery charger receptacle which as evidenced by the pic above had an obvious crack in the waterproof housing on the rear of the receptacle that wasn't visible until I removed it!:rolleyes:

BTW: Even though this would have been normally covered by the 8yr Voltec warranty, I was able to get the replacement X98 receptacle GM part#22822889 fairly cheap and decided to just perform the work to save myself a trip to the GM service dept.
It was a simple install and I only needed a T-30 in order to remove the 4 torx screws that secures the housing!:cool:

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#PIC6015B: New Charge Receptacle To Address Charge Related Issues Diagnosed To A Receptacle - This May Include DTCs P0D22 P0D26 P0D58 P0D59 - (Mar 15, 2016)

Inspect the charge receptacle for micro cracking or water intrusion. If you find an issue with the charge receptacle, a new updated charge receptacle has been released to address all the issues above. Please replace the charge receptacle with the correct part number for your vehicle

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Hi Somms,
Do you remember the steps you took to replace the port? I am about to go down this road with my 2011, 104,000 mile completely out of voltec warranty new to me car.

Main question is, did you disable all of the electrical systems first or was it basically:
1. jack up front end,
2. remove front driver wheel,
3. remove rear splash guard,
4. unplug the harnes,
5. remove the 4 bolts,
6. Installation is the reverse....

or do you have to remove the charging door assy and all that goes with it too?

trying to save a few bucks and DIY it. New receptacle is about $100 bucks on Amazon...
thanks in advance!
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