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DS Flagship To Launch As DS 8 In 2020, Electrification A Given

Since becoming a standalone brand part of the PSA Group a few years ago, DS has been trying to distance itself from Peugeot and Citroën by transforming into an upmarket brand with a bespoke design and more premium touches. New model arrivals such as the DS 7 Crossback and the forthcoming DS 3 Crossback bolster the company’s presence in the automotive spectrum, but what DS needs is a proper flagship model.

It will arrive at some point in 2020 with the “DS 8” moniker to take on the likes of the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, and the Mercedes E-Class. However, unlike the German trio, the new crown jewel of the DS range will not take the shape of a conventional sedan. Instead, the talented French designers are going for a more stylish fastback, which hopefully will have a few things in common with the stunning 2012 Citroën Numero 9 concept pictured here.
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