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Drove a Black Bolt Today (last day of 2016)

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A Premier editiion with nice alloys, looking much better than previous colors.
There was only one, unsold for a day.
"Someone asking for the Bolt keys again." The desk lady laughed and handed them over.
I took a pic, then got in behind the wheel.

That big ten-inch screen!
Sexy. Cluttered maybe, but still. Bright, neon icons told me this was no ordinary car.
Is this the biggest now short of Tesla's?

Gauge showed 170 green miles of range. Test drives had used up 90. Price was $42,200 before incentives.
I think it still qualifies for a white (ZEV) sticker (green ones for Volt and other PZEV's are gone).

Out in the rain, the tires spun on the asphalt. Too much power/weight, too little traction. Man, this thing zips.
When it's not totally quiet like the Volt, that is. Serious torque that really mocks almost everything once though fast (the 1977 Porsche Turbo Carerra of my youth would get dusted at a full second slower 0-60). Handles and stabilizes nicely due to the low flat battery pack. Lots of headroom for a tall driver like me, very comfy. I didn't want to leave.
Wanted to try Sport Mode but Jeez ... how much more do you need? As soon as I put down the pedal i ran up on other cars too fast. Oh, I like this car.

Ain't no econobox.
No sir.

Want it!

Happy new year
To Chevy and all the new automotive world.
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I hope GM can move quicker and get Bolt's to dealers all over the US and allow "non enthausists" to take test drives. I have no doubt a current Volt or EV owner will rave over how a Bolt performs. But we need John Q Citizen to experience the Bolt. That's how you grow this segment.

Now let's talk about DCFC........
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