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DRL Diode Mod - Too Bright

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I tested out the DRL mod, using a diode to keep the DRLs on at night with the headlights. I thought the DRLs were too bright which surprised me. I first tested during the day and they seemed more than fine but was surprised how much brighter the lights were in full dark.

Has anyone done this mod have feedback on whether it was too bright for other drivers? Maybe it's relative to the rather dim headlights, but I felt like the glare was enough to be unsafe. I suppose you could put a resistor in series and dim the DRLs that way, but not sure about having all those components bouncing around under the hood.
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While the DRLs may seem really bright compared to the OEM headlights, they actually do not seem to bother oncoming drivers, and after installing HID headlights in my Volt, I found the DRLs did not increase glare or appear brighter than the low beam setting of the headlights, but they did increase the lighting of street signs and pedestrians alongside the road, which I found very helpful. And, I have never, in over five years of driving, had a single other driver flash their lights at me, so IMHO, there should be no problem with them.

I had originally considered that I might have to add a resistor to dim them some, and even figured out roughly what size it should be. The DRLs draw about one amp, which means their resistance is roughly 12-14 ohms, so roughly a 5 ohm resister should drop the brightness down without stopping current flow, which usually happens at about half voltage on most LEDs. If you do this, I would advise using 25 watt wirewound resisters, and isolate them so they can't melt any wires if they get hot.
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