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DRL Diode Mod - Too Bright

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I tested out the DRL mod, using a diode to keep the DRLs on at night with the headlights. I thought the DRLs were too bright which surprised me. I first tested during the day and they seemed more than fine but was surprised how much brighter the lights were in full dark.

Has anyone done this mod have feedback on whether it was too bright for other drivers? Maybe it's relative to the rather dim headlights, but I felt like the glare was enough to be unsafe. I suppose you could put a resistor in series and dim the DRLs that way, but not sure about having all those components bouncing around under the hood.
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Thanks for the feedback. I was looking for someone to talk me into going ahead with the mod since I like the look much better. I agree with you SharkVolt on the HIDs vs. OEM lights. I'd feel better with brighter headlights installed so the contrast isn't as stark between the headlights and DRLs. I'll revisit this mod when I get around to upgrading to HIDs.

Barry - When I tested it at night I walked down the street several car lengths, but I was still standing up. That may be why the headlights seemed so much dimmer than the DRLs.
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