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Perfectly fine to run it this way on gas. The planetary gears on the transition are quite a feat of engineering and the software is even more sophisticated.

Generally, the ICE only couples directly to the drive wheels at speeds greater then ~50 MPH. Otherwise, the ICE is just turning the genset as needed -- if needed. However, you can decouple the ICE if you "punch it" while operation at high speeds. You can feel a slight lag while the ICE planetary gear decouples just before the the computer allows the electric motor to accelerate.

Instant torque is addictive! Especially at lower speeds... the car just goes. No drama, no hesitation. I'l never go back, that's for sure.

While Low+Sport is fun, don't trick yourself into believing that it's more efficient. All regen incurs conversion losses. But it sounds like you are driving for fun, not efficiency -- so have at it. Just be safe and leave a little of the planet for our children to enjoy.
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