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Driving in Low

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I was trying to find a discussion on the advantages /disadvantages of driving on Low (as opposed to "D" in the shifter) and came up with nothing on my search results. So in the unlikely event that this issue has not been thoroughly discussed I'm taking the risk of bringing it up to see whether or not there's some feedback regarding it.
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The Volt does blended braking so it will use a mix of regen and friction braking when you use the pedal, however you have no idea what it's using because it doesn't provide an indicator. With L and the Regen paddle you know that you are using regen only. On a steep mountain road, where you braking all of the time, the L mode is more comfortable plus you know that you aren't using the friction brakes.
Pretty sure it's a known thing that you are in pure regen when the rotating leaves are on the green ball. When those start going away, that means friction brakes are being blended in.

FWIW, I use both and I like having that option. I really like Low for stop'n'go traffic and I do tend to use it on long descents to enable more one-pedal driving.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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