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Driving in Low

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I was trying to find a discussion on the advantages /disadvantages of driving on Low (as opposed to "D" in the shifter) and came up with nothing on my search results. So in the unlikely event that this issue has not been thoroughly discussed I'm taking the risk of bringing it up to see whether or not there's some feedback regarding it.
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One convenient use of L is that it usually enables you to use Cruise Control and leave your foot off the brake while driving downhill without speeding up, when the car’s momentum will otherwise cause the speed to increase if you try to leave it in CC while driving in D. (Hmm... I wonder if using Adaptive Cruise Control would enable Gen 2 drivers to remain in D while driving downhill behind the driver in front going the speed limit?)
Using L down a large hill means you can cruise control the whole way down and not have to worry about gaining speed (unless it's such a steep hill that not even L can hold you back)
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