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New here...hoping that I can get some troubleshooting info to give me some direction to fix my 2013 Volt. The car has 60k miles and no real issues other than the charging problem. The thing is that it only seems to fail charging while driving. Measuring the voltage at the battery while plugged in, is 13.5 volts and increases. The battery seems good as I can drive after the car switches to gas for quite some time and does dot degrade noticeably while sitting for days. Displays codes P1E00 and U1838 and gives messages related to a failed charging system (service charging system). I have reviewed quite a few posts but most lack conclusion or just loose control. I want to think that the issue may be related to the dc-dc converter but don't know what I should be looking for if I were to back-probe the connector, nor do I know where to probe into the two large (I assume high tension) wires going to the module. I do also get the red battery symbol with motor running. If you have some relevant knowledge on how these things tic, please respond.

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