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1.) Wouldn't a well designed hood to windshield transition with hidden wipers save a lot more than special made low power wipers? Hopefully the wipers will be protected from air flow.
That won't work in climates with bad weather. e.g. snow / ice, it would cause problems and potentionally damage your hood.

2.) The photoshop folks would need to mock this up to see how it will look, but chamfered entries from the sides to the wheel well may look interesting and lower the Cd. This might "soften" the turbulence at the front of the wheel well and reduce the pressure by directing flow out to the side of the car at the rear of the well. Another idea would be to offer wheel well skirts for the rear wells as an OPTION. Don't buy it if you don't like it. I probably would not opt for skirts, but would need to see visual to say for sure..
That would likely look terrible. I think the idea is to create a "Normal" looking car that that performs decent, with the bonus of not "requiring" gas for short trips.

Me... Personally... Would be more likely to buy it based on performance, (acceleration / handling)

3.) Pinch down the hood in the center of the cockpit. Since they have decided on a 4 seater, the headroom in the center is needed. This would not reduce the Cd much but it would be a nice little reduction to the frontal area (note, drag is a function of Cd, frontal area, and velocity). I think this may even add to the desing appeal too, but again would need see a visual on this as well.
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying there?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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