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I've also been looking into this. My garage is really narrow and my EVSE is mounted adjacent to its supplying outlet, which is unfortunately right where the driver door ends up. I've bumped my door on the EVSE a couple of times and its taken a little bit of paint off of the door edge. I try to park a little more to the right, but I also have to be careful of the passenger-side wing mirror when backing out.

I've been considering this trim guard: - Though I've been hesitant due to concerns with the adhesive, and that the clear material may tarnish from the outside elements. I'm actually thinking of just cutting a pool noodle length wise and adhering it to the EVSE.
In that case, mount something to the wall of the garage.
Door edge guards are hideous, all of them. Using caution is the best option :)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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