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Don't be fooled: only some electric cars are sold nationwide, even now

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published on August 11, 2014, when modern electric cars had been on the market just three and a half years. Three years later, confusion among buyers still exists as to what vehicles are available where. We have updated the article accordingly.
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Part of what bugs me about this whole thing is that the spin on this is all wrong. Too often it's played as some environmental thing....,

...or we need to be like Europe - they're so clean! They're not. None of this is true or will be probably in my lifetime. ...
Now are you talking about Europeans or EV's???:p

EV's are as clean as the electrons you feed them. Someone in Washington state surrounded by hydro dams is driving a very clean EV.
There is no blanket statement for how clean EV's are. It's by the zip code and you can research what is in your local electric recipe.

As for 'Fun', I'm with you there! Why aren't they advertised like this? They need to promote test drives.

As for the "environmental thing", that's just icing on the cake. And that icing is different by your local grid. Or go solar.

Then main 'Green Thing' for me is the saving of the green!
I drive for free! If and when this local Gravy Train comes to a stop, I can go back to spending $0.02.5 to $0.03 per mile.
And virtually no routine maintenance
... fairly clean in my neck of the woods too due to our ramping up of natgas. But OOOHHH! It's fossil fuel! if you can't be perfect you can't be one of the moral high ground sitters. We're far better off here than in Germany where in reality they're ramping up the lignite burning....
Sorry for this bend in the thread,,
But, I thought Germany was very clean with all their solar. And this dirty coal is because they now believe Safe Nuclear is Too Hard to Do.
How about France's CO² numbers? Because of Nuclear.

ZEV is ZEV. It is possible for a consumer to do it. But that's for the 'moral high ground sitters'.
Or preppers, or like me, the cheap asses.

I like to tell people you can't make gasoline at home. I can fuel my car at home.
Plus I say "Remember that last time you stopped at the Jiffy Qik? I don't".

Now, back to why GM can't advertise their leadership in the EV world..?? I don't get it....
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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