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Don't be fooled: only some electric cars are sold nationwide, even now

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published on August 11, 2014, when modern electric cars had been on the market just three and a half years. Three years later, confusion among buyers still exists as to what vehicles are available where. We have updated the article accordingly.
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The other obsolescence...with the EV market in flux...customers might lease but they are leary to what will happen to those EVs that returned from lease with absolutely little chance of being resold??...and what do those unsold vehicles cause leasing agencies to do when they are unable to recover supposed residual value??
Dunno how true but I was told that the lease companies have something similar to GAP insurance to cover the difference between the residual and what the car sells for at auction. That may be why so few of them are willing to negotiate the residual at lease end.

The fact that so many end up at auction and go for so little allows the Used Car Dealer to sell them so cheaply. Those low prices attract new buyers, thus expanding the user base. (Silver lining in Dark Cloud.)
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