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Don't be fooled: only some electric cars are sold nationwide, even now

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published on August 11, 2014, when modern electric cars had been on the market just three and a half years. Three years later, confusion among buyers still exists as to what vehicles are available where. We have updated the article accordingly.
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Headline: U.S. Electric Vehicle Sales Soared In 2016

By year-end there were about 30 different EV offerings, with total sales of 159,139 vehicles.

Headline: 2016 U.S. auto sales set a new record high, led by SUVs

U.S. vehicle sales totaled 17.55 million, beating 2015's record of 17.47 million, according to Autodata Corp.

So EV sales SOARED and yet the year's total was miniscule when compared with the ICE sales...and all-EV US will not happen any time soon...
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This is exactly what I was talking about. Here's your fake news. Where's the sense of scale?

I dunno, maybe if/when we get the CUVs we're hearing about we'll see some real change and we can stop trying to fool ourselves. Again, I'm not an EV advocate, but I do plan on buying more of them. I'd like to have more options, and know that I can get service and support for them. At the moment I'm okay with what I have but if it got totaled.... maybe a CPO ELR would be next. I don't really like any other cars on the market right now.
The other obsolescence...with the EV market in flux...customers might lease but they are leary to what will happen to those EVs that returned from lease with absolutely little chance of being resold??...and what do those unsold vehicles cause leasing agencies to do when they are unable to recover supposed residual value??
Sorry for this bend in the thread,,
But, I thought Germany was very clean with all their solar. And this dirty coal is because they now believe Safe Nuclear is Too Hard to Do.
How about France's CO² numbers? Because of Nuclear.

ZEV is ZEV. It is possible for a consumer to do it. But that's for the 'moral high ground sitters'.
Or preppers, or like me, the cheap asses.

I like to tell people you can't make gasoline at home. I can fuel my car at home.
Plus I say "Remember that last time you stopped at the Jiffy Qik? I don't".

Now, back to why GM can't advertise their leadership in the EV world..?? I don't get it....
Actually the hard coal and lignite usage in Germany hasn't really changed since the 90s...

Here are the latest CO2 numbers worldwide...
France's Nuclear Map

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