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Does the GPS work in Canada too?

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I'm going to Vancouver Canada today. Does anybody know if the Gen 2 GPS works once over the border?
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No need to power off the car to connect. Your can can move from network to network in the US, why on earth would you have to power off when you get to Canada?
Unless it's to get in line for the team of dog sleds that will take you the final few miles to your destination...
On that note:
A few years ago my cousin, who grew up in Buffalo, was living in his new home in Florida. His new wife whom he met there had never left the state and they were planning a trip to Canada.
He had her convinced that when they got to Canada they would have to park in a huge parking lot and take dog sleds for the remainder of their trip.
True story!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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