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Does the 2017 LT have a low washer fluid notification?

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Title says it all. I'm still new enough with my Volt that I'm still working out my maintenance routine.
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yes it does.
Thank you. In the winter I go through a lot of washer fluid.
According to the GM parts catalog, there's a level sensor in there.
I think that's just to prevent the washer pump from running when empty. It's also how some cars get the low washer fluid notification. One of the things I'm having to adjust to in an EV is that a lot of the routine maintenance I did with my ICE vehicles was timed based on gas refueling and oil changes. I'm not going to be able to use those as my triggers anymore. For instance, I should probably already have gone an rotated my tires (5K miles) but since I don't care if I wear them out early I'll wait until 12K miles when I get the oil changed for free. I suspect the OLM will still read over 70% but my dealership won't hassle me about it.
I filled mine when the message popped up and it took almost a whole jug of fluid
Good. This means that empty it should take the entire gallon.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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