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Thanks, this has distracted from my original question. So, to get this back on track:

1) "Does Remotelink or MyChevrolet app share information with others"? I guess the better way to put it would have been:
"Does OnStar in general (whether in association with the phone apps or otherwise) shares information with others?"
It's a fairly simple question. If the answer is "yes" it won't cause me to have a cow, but I'd like to see if I can get a clear answer.
Well that's trivial to answer: Yes they do. Or would if someone offered to deal. See the "Sharing" bullet at

2) As to going on about how everyone knows that many apps track our information and share it, and that the rationale is that they are monetizing, yes, I know this for many years now. I'm sure most of us do. Your comments do not seem to me to reflect that you have reflected on the additional points that I (and some of the articles) make that

- it is questionable whether some of the app makers are being honest in offering opt-outs (whether of location tracking or information sharing, I'm not sure generally whether the opt-outs offer just location tracking opt-out or information-sharing opt-outs).
- the level of invasiveness of the apps may go well beyond what many users realize. In some cases this may feed into whether it is realistic to being able to opt out consistently, even if they present as though it is.
- I'm not certain, but from one or two articles I read recently, there is some question as to whether the phone makers themselves (regardless of added apps) are being honest about tracking or opt-outs.

Even with all that said, yes, it does seem possible on my iphone to have some decent control over this, and I personally don't care that much about trying to opt out of every little thing, or about whether OnStar tracks my app use. However, it does seem (to me) worthwhile as a matter of principle to ask questions as time permits and generally maintain some sense of the confusing array of things I have or have not agreed.
Almost all of those orgs sharing information about customers have both made notification that they do this and gotten concurrence from their customers to do so. It probably wasn't INFORMED concurrence in that people click "ACCEPT" on any agreement that an app or web page sticks under their noses, but the thing that they're accepting SAYS that they were informed and that's all the lawyers care about.
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