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Does Pandora Come With A 2017 Volt LT?

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I have seen several videos of Volt reviews and they seem to have Pandora as one of the menu choices on the Home menu screen. I don't have that. Am I missing something or does it simply not come on a LT trims?

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Interesting. I'll install Pandora on my Android and see if it pops up when I connect the USB and AA starts.

I've noticed the MyLink systems that do have Pandora also have a second page to scroll system only has a single page...I can't scroll left or right.
Well I installed Pandora on my phone but there is no Pandora icon on the MyLink at all. No second page either.

I do have XM for 6 months I believe but no navigation other than OnStar Guidance.

I do not like the Android Auto interface at all. As soon as I plug in my phone to the USB, it goes to an AA screen on the phone and I cannot get out of it. I have turned of "auto launch" but it still launches it on my phone. A lot left to be desired. The AA icon does appear on MyLink but doesn't launch until I select it.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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