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Does Pandora Come With A 2017 Volt LT?

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I have seen several videos of Volt reviews and they seem to have Pandora as one of the menu choices on the Home menu screen. I don't have that. Am I missing something or does it simply not come on a LT trims?

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Pandora is one of the supported Apps with Apple CarPlay and I believe this is also true for Android Auto. You have to install Pandora on your phone and setup a Pandora account. You can access Pandora when your phone is connected via a cable to one of the two USB ports in the compartment located in the center of the dashboard area below the infotainment screen.

By default Pandora may be found on the second CarPlay screen. With the latest version of iOS and CarPlay you can specify the location of the CarPlay apps on the car's infotainment screen.
My 2017 premier does have Pandora on the screen without any connected phone, along with a second page.
Maybe the reason that you have Pandora on the main screen is that your Volt has Navigation, optionally SiriusXM Traffic and Weather subscriber-based service. It may be bundled.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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