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Does Pandora Come With A 2017 Volt LT?

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I have seen several videos of Volt reviews and they seem to have Pandora as one of the menu choices on the Home menu screen. I don't have that. Am I missing something or does it simply not come on a LT trims?

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My MY 16 had Android Auto when I bought it (used, 1 year old) and it also had the MyLink Pandora app that operates via Bluetooth. I know that the MY 17 MyLink is slightly different so they may have removed Pandora in favor of AA and CarPlay, but I know mine has both.
Our one year old 2017 LT has Pandora on the home screen. Car came with Carplay but never has had Android. Pandora on home screen is much more elegant looking than the Carplay version. Have you looked at all three home screens? You'll know when you get to the apps for gas prices and movie showtimes.
Your car has apps for gas prices and showtimes? Is that only in 2017?
Maybe the reason that you have Pandora on the main screen is that your Volt has Navigation, optionally SiriusXM Traffic and Weather subscriber-based service. It may be bundled.
I don't have Navigation or Weather on mine, but I have Pandora. I have XM, but I never subscribed to it as I have a smartphone.
Same here. My apps include:

Audio Phone Projection Nav
Settings Energy Pandora Weather

And on page 2:

Text Onstar Traffic

How does this compare to a non-Nav car? Or perhaps one that does not have the Bose audio system?
2016 non-Nav (I have the option for OnStar Nav but I don't pay for it), non-Bose. I have Projection (AA), Pandora, Phone, Text, Nav, and OnStar.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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