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Does 'Lane Keep Assistance' do anything?

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2017 with DCP I & II & ACC.

With the Lane Keep LED lit on the steering wheel, and the green LKA icon on the speedo cluster in the upper right, it does not appear to have any effect on a freeway with 4 lanes.

Is this normal?

ACC works, AEB works, Blind Spot works, but Lane Keep at best will turn the icon yellow if it runs over lane marker lines.
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If u have it on the u go off lane without signaling the steering will pull u back in your lane softly. And if you let go of you steering it would go bouncing left and right between the two lane lines like a retarded autopilot
So it kicks in if I try to leave the lane? Gotcha.

I will experiment when there are fewer cars on the road.

Can't complain too much. The loaded 2017 wasn't more than the stripped 2016. So the safety stuff was pretty much free.
In a way, it's sort of good. If you are a drunk or texter, you will still weave down the road so the cops will bag you. But it might keep you from killing an innocent.
It sounds like what we used to call "driving by braille". You steer the car based on hitting the bumps with your tires.
OK, after 450 miles of continuous driving with LKA, first: It does not hurt to leave it on. While it won't always help, sometimes it does.

Blind Spot Warning was really handy. That worked pretty good.

The Adaptive Cruise works great 99% of the time. But after one incident where it scared the family, we have now figured out the name for this car. Christine, from Stephen King. Sometimes it will behave very unhuman-like.:D
You will feel a mild force on the wheel that is warning you that you are leaving the lane. It won't stop or even slow you, it's more like a warning. Some cars had the seat vibrate in that situation.

Until some people zig-zagged down the street deliberately while smiling ...
Here is the LKA during initial road testing:
1 - 7 of 29 Posts
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