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Does 'Lane Keep Assistance' do anything?

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2017 with DCP I & II & ACC.

With the Lane Keep LED lit on the steering wheel, and the green LKA icon on the speedo cluster in the upper right, it does not appear to have any effect on a freeway with 4 lanes.

Is this normal?

ACC works, AEB works, Blind Spot works, but Lane Keep at best will turn the icon yellow if it runs over lane marker lines.
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If u have it on the u go off lane without signaling the steering will pull u back in your lane softly. And if you let go of you steering it would go bouncing left and right between the two lane lines like a retarded autopilot
So wrong, yet so hilarious.
Why can chevy programmer just spent another day reprogram the damn system to do autopilot like a tesla. Atleast fix the bouncing effect. The parts are all there. Chevy volt owners are smart and mature people unlike half those tesla spoiled rich kids who use it for drag racing or as bedroom as they drive. Anyway. On a small curve road on retard pilot mode on it will feel like autopilot for a little bit :)
You're trivializing a very complex function. And as good as the Volt is (especially for its price), it does not have nearly the sophistication in terms of sensors available or brute processing power for an "autopilot" function like Tesla.
If u have the sensors for autopark you can also auto pilot. Tesla is just a bigger volt in a suit and tie.....
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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