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Does 'Lane Keep Assistance' do anything?

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2017 with DCP I & II & ACC.

With the Lane Keep LED lit on the steering wheel, and the green LKA icon on the speedo cluster in the upper right, it does not appear to have any effect on a freeway with 4 lanes.

Is this normal?

ACC works, AEB works, Blind Spot works, but Lane Keep at best will turn the icon yellow if it runs over lane marker lines.
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Why can chevy programmer just spent another day reprogram the damn system to do autopilot like a tesla. Atleast fix the bouncing effect. The parts are all there. Chevy volt owners are smart and mature people unlike half those tesla spoiled rich kids who use it for drag racing or as bedroom as they drive. Anyway. On a small curve road on retard pilot mode on it will feel like autopilot for a little bit :)
I think GM's motivation here is pretty obvious. If they wanted to keep the car near the center of the lane *most* of the time, they could, but if they did, it would indeed become an autopilot like Tesla's. And like Tesla's, lane detection would need to be very very reliable and there would be no easy way to detect if the driver is paying enough attention. GM is, probably more adverse to legal-risk than Tesla. They can't offer an autopilot which will encourage drivers to take their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel until it is foolproof. Instead, they choose to offer a safety feature. As a safety feature, the lane location doesn't need to be known 100% of the time so it is easier to conservatively implement just by calculating when the estimate of the lane position may not be reliable. The goal is for the driver to steer the car, but to save the driver from him/herself if they are distracted or fall asleep at the wheel. Sometimes the dash icon disappears indicating no confident estimate of the lane location is available but it is much much more rare that the car attempts to steer out of it's lane because it is confused about lane location. I am quite happy with the existing lane keeping safety feature.
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