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Do you remember the Prius Cop Chase Commercials? Here is a live Volt One!

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LA Chevy Volt Chase
*I do not own, support, or receive anything from this video, was just one of the better ones I have seen.

I've never been so proud to own a Volt!
I do wonder how he "stole" the car.....but details not released.

This occurred yesterday at around 3 PM PST.

My favorite part is the Volt flying through the air after hitting a dip @ ~3:45 into the video.

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The commentary reminds me of sports announcers... "I'm gonna talk about very obvious things that are happening and about things that I know nothing about."

As I was watching the video I found myself going "Yup, that backup camera is helping." "Yeah those LRR tires aren't great for corners." "Gotta love that low end torque." "Not gonna outrun that helicopter though."
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