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Do LED headlights increase EV miles?

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Hello. Has anyone who's installed LED head lights in their 1st Gen volt noticed any boost in EV miles at night? I'm not too concerned about brightness, though I do prefer the 5-6k light temperature.

On that same topic, any recommendations on a reliable brand/model for LED head lights? I've read about some bad experiences with their heat sinks being undersized resulting in premature failure. Also sizing issues as LED's are usually larger.

PS: I know that technically LED lights retrofits are not DOT approved (And I don't care :rolleyes:)
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Absolutely. You'll add 1/10th of a mile over the course of a year by switching to LED. :)

I actually don't know the number, but suspect it's very, very small. To test, turn off your lights during the day and see if you can even notice a range difference. I suspect not, but could be proved wrong.
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