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Do LED headlights increase EV miles?

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Hello. Has anyone who's installed LED head lights in their 1st Gen volt noticed any boost in EV miles at night? I'm not too concerned about brightness, though I do prefer the 5-6k light temperature.

On that same topic, any recommendations on a reliable brand/model for LED head lights? I've read about some bad experiences with their heat sinks being undersized resulting in premature failure. Also sizing issues as LED's are usually larger.

PS: I know that technically LED lights retrofits are not DOT approved (And I don't care :rolleyes:)
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Iv'e personally tested both LED and HID on my volt. It's no contest... HID is MUCH brighter. LED can't compare! I can't comment on life span or power usage (35w) at this point...hoping for good longevity from the HID system, but expecting a short life span.

The lumen and brightens claims by LED manufacturers are unfounded. They are not brighter then factory halogen!

If you chose to buy LED, then the OPT7 is definitely the answer. It's considered the brightest in the industry. It has a clean white light and is almost as bright as the stock halogen!

Tested: 9012 HID KIT | XTREME HID genuine Phillips 35watts (Extremely clean white light and brighter then stock halogen)
Kensun 9006/9012 (Clean white light, not very bright)
OPT7 9012 (Clean white light...almost as bright as stock halogen)

I found my exact same tests (all three lighting systems) after I did my own tests... figures! He includes pictures!
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