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Display Mode Question - 2017 Volt

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I normally have the smaller display set to display tire pressures under the speed display. When cleaning the larger display today I inadvertently put the smaller display into a mode where it's displaying the audio track being played under the speed display.

How do I get back to the display mode with the tire pressures under the speed?
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With the button on the right side of the steering wheel (the one with the check mark in the middle) you need to push the left arrow button to bring up the selections of what will be displayed in the center of the display. After you have moved up and down through the selections, select the information icon and use the check button to select it. Then you can toggle through your display like you used to. The owners manual has more information on setting up the center display.

If you are on the audio display on the main center console and you 'swipe' left, it will set the display on the DIC to the audio information.

Post above correctly states how to set it back to 'information'.
That fixed it. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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