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did a back-to-back listening comparison '17 LT stock vs. '17 Bose vs. '13 Bose

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I've been kicking some gen 2 tires and wanted to see whether the Bose is a must have.

The dealership had an LT and a Premier right next to each other. I took my iphone (with connecting USB) and a well-known song that had some dynamic range, some bass heavy sections, some singing, some higher treble notes.

The salesperson was busy, so he gave me the keys and told me to have fun comparing the sound systems. Even better! No pressure.

Let me share my impressions:

The stock (non-bose) was "better than expected" -- mainly because it had more low end than I thought it would without a subwoofer. Let me be clear that this does not mean "good"--it got muddy and distorted quickly.

The Bose, however, was "worse than expected"--I had read that many issues with the Gen 1 Bose were fixed in the Gen 2, but I think the Bose in my '13 is overall better, with some caveats.

The Gen 2 subwoofers are better placed and offer more "punch" than the '13 (and much more than the stock LT). The Bose would vibrate my seat--and offer "louder" sound at lower "volume" than required in the LT. In fact, the Bose system was absolutely "louder" overall.

My disappointment was the muddy sound. It was just not clear and wide, despite the lower end. I didn't have time to start investigating the system in depth to figure out why, I just used some fading and adjusting with the EQ to get a sense of its range. The '13 seems clearer to me.

Both the Bose and the stock suffered from "narrowing" of the sound--neither offered a wide, crisp sound--although the Bose was marginally better.

Bottom line -- the Bose did not reach "must have" territory for me and I would settle with a stock system and look at upgrades later if worth it. I just didn't think it was "good enough" to warrant the extra cost over the stock system--I would rather pay more aftermarket for a system I would really enjoy than "more" for a "less bad" system.

Funny thing is, getting back into my '13, I played the same song for comparison and found that it was crisper and clearer overall, but it didn't have as much low end punch (but I also have a heavy Volt mat in the back).

I know this is an issue that many people question and I just wanted to share my $0.02--it's obviously an issue of personal taste for everyone.
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While I also don't consider myself an audiophile, I am an 'audio guy' and I own (and have owned/heard) MANY home audio components and systems in my time.

Though I can't comment on the Volt Bose system since I didn't opt for one and haven't personally heard one, I have had experience with Bose in a Murano I owned, as well as several experiences with their home speakers.

As most self-identified audiophiles - and plain old enthusiasts like me - will tell you, Bose has a pretty well-deserved reputation for abysmal sound quality, among all their products. But their advantage is that most people aren't 'critical listeners' who care much about sound quality. And since they're an established brand with high visibility, people automatically associate the name with quality - mistaken though that impression may be.

Bose's claim to fame in recent times has been their 'sound from everywhere' shtick, with small easily-hidden speakers arrayed in various ways and subwoofers providing the rest of the sound (or small bookshelf systems using similar principles). Maybe it makes sense then, that they branched out to car audio; but for those who take audio seriously, Bose has always been a non-starter when it comes to sound quality.

My Murano had probably the single worst car audio system I've heard in my life, even with the clever spare-wheel-mounted subwoofer. Boomy, and lacking any sort of tightness in the bass, and non-existant high frequencies (even with dedicated tweeters placed near the ideal head level) - and yes, they were working properly. But I wasn't surprised, since I expected as much from Bose.

It sounds like they've upped their game somewhat in recent years; I've even heard people rave about their Bose systems. But for most audio fans I've spoken with, the Bose name is more of a disincentive, than a selling point in a vehicle.
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