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Determining trim level?

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Hi all,

I'm looking at buying a used Volt. I know in some of my other car-shopping adventures, I've found cars that are mis-listed, where the trim level is wrong.

What is the best way to definitively determine what trim level a Volt is by looking at pictures or particular listed options?
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If it's a 2014 or 2015 Volt, I believe they did away with trim levels and they are all called "Base"

For 2014, you'll need to look for:
Enhanced Safety 1 (rear camera, rear park assist , auto-dim mirror) (look for the ultrasonic sensors in the back bumper)
Enhanced Safety 2 (Front park assist, land departure warning, forward collision alert) (look for ultrasonic sensors in the front bumper, or for the 2 buttons for the lane departure warning and forward collision alert on the steering wheel. There's also a camera in the windshield on the outside above the mirror).
Premium trim (look for heated seat buttons and leather. There's also an armrest in the back seat)
Nav (they usually show this or you can look for the Nav button added to the radio)
Chrome wheels were a standalone option
Bose system, you'll have to look for the small Bose logo on the front speakers. This adds a small sub-woofer too, but it's not visible.

I love my Gen 1, and it's still a great looking car. My only wishes are for the increased range, and for blind spot monitoring. 40 miles still works for me most days, and I only fill up every couple months. I have every option. I don't think the Navigation is a must have. I barely use it. I have the lane departure turned off because it's too sensitive, but I like having the front sensors and the forward collision alert (I have that set to the shortest gap). Enhanced Safety 1 is considered a must have to me, as are the heated seats (which were available in 2014 or 2015 with both the cloth or leather seats. They are standard with leather.
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