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Determining if tire sealant canister is used or not

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Just picked up a used, 2015 Volt and I notice that the clear hose on the tire inflator has residue in it that makes me believe the sealant was used at some time. I cannot determine if the sealant canister was replaced or not. Is there any tell-tale sign to know if the canister is empty?
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Shake it, you should be able to tell if it's empty or not.
Sure enough, it sounds like there's liquid in there. Thanks for the common sense answer! :)

Actually, now that I'm home with it, I compared it to the similar unit in my Fusion - which has not been used - and the sealant hose is the same color. I think what I assumed was sealant residue is simply the slightly opaque nature of the hose.

Thanks again.
African or European?
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As I recall the canisters expire two years after the fill date.

Canister expiration date says March 2019. Sounds like it's 5 years, not 2.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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