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Here are the directions for Programming without a Recognized Transmitter. My details follow, please read everything before attempting to do this!

The 2017 Volt owner's manual on pages 35-37 talks about this but it lacks the pitfalls and other details.

Please read the manual before reading the details below:

The more detailed steps 1-3 by Joe Real. I have discussed about this

You're here, because like me, you lost both of your keyfobs before you realized it and now you're Volt-less because you can't move your car. You would need to have Chevy cut you a new key (the one secretly stored inside the transmitter) and buy a new transmitter.

Did you write down the Key Code attached to one of your keyfobs? Your dealer would need this code to cut a new metallic key for you, which is important to reprogramming your new transmitter. Without it, you can't create a new fobkey. You would also need to show your ID and vehicle registration so bring them with you, and they'll whip one for you at about $65 a piece, not including the transmitter. Now, if you didn't wrote down the Key Code, like I did, your dealer would recommend you to a regional Chevy dealer with an authorized personnel that can lookup the key code for you based on the VIN# from your registration, but such a dealer will charge you more, they're going to charge you almost double than the dealer where you bought your Volt, and that's about $120 for cutting the key for you, unless of course your dealer has an authorized lookup personnel. You would also need a new transmitter that must be programmed or paired with your Volt. Yeah, it sucks that the new transmitter will set you back another $130! But if you're not in a hurry, you can order a new 2017 Chevy Volt transmitter from eBay for about $55 ( ), unless you need to move the car now, so bite the bullet already!

At this point, the dealer who would cut the key would insist that you have to tow your vehicle for reprogramming your transmitter but then show them pages 35-37 of the 2017 Volt owner's manual showing the section and instructions. If you tow the car to the dealer and have them reprogram it, you might get billed for a minimum of $110/hr reprogramming fee plus the cost of your towing.

So now, you have the key and the transmitter, nope, don't put them together just yet, and proceed to your car. Make sure not to unlock the car with your new key and if you did, the alarm will set off like crazy, attracting everyone's attention. Remember, your new transmitter isn't recognized yet and if the car is opened, the alarm will set off. So unlock your car with your myChevrolet app! Make sure not to precondition the car and make sure the car is off (you can turn off the preconditioning with your app).

Once the car is unlocked by the app, do not open the driver's side door. Open all the other doors and the hatch back door, EXCEPT the driver's side door. The reason is that you would be held inside the car for 30 minutes or more and you need to breathe! Remember you can't roll down the windows yet nor have air conditioning as the car is off.

Now open the driver's side door and proceed with reprogramming by doing following these steps:

Step 1. a) Remove the key lock cylinder cap on the driver's door handle using your new metallic key. There is a detail on how to do this on page 39 of the owner's manual.
b) Insert the metallic key into the key hole, it should deeply go in. Now turn the key counterclockwise to the unlock position (it stops at about a quarter turn), then turn back. Make a total of 5 turns with half a second pause in between, not rapidly, after one another, but complete the 5 turns within ten seconds.
c) Now open the door, hop in the driver's seat and close the door.
The Driver Information Center(DIC) should display “REMOTE LEARN PENDING, PLEASE WAIT” and if you don't see this, press the main Power Button (the blue button) of your car and you should see the message. Never open the driver's door for the next 40 minutes or until the reprogramming is completed, otherwise, everything would be reset to the very beginning and you will start from Step 1 again.

Step 2. On your smart phone, set an alarm timer for exactly ten minutes and wait (That's why you should have opened all the other doors to have air, otherwise you're going to be cooked inside for a total of 30 minutes). After 10 minutes your alarm timer should go off and the DIC should display “PRESS START BUTTON TO LEARN” and then press the main POWER button. Afterwards, the DIC display will again show “REMOTE LEARN PENDING, PLEASE WAIT”. (If after your phone alarm sets off and there's no display, press the main Power Button every ten seconds until it displays the “PRESS START BUTTON TO LEARN” and then press the main POWER button.) and reset your phone's timer to ten minutes again.

Step 3. Repeat step 2, two more times, that is why it's going to take long. At no point in time should you open the driver's side door! You'll have to complete the whole or start from the very beginning and wasting a lot of time. Anyway, after the third time you did Step 2, all the existing transmitters are no longer paired with your Volt. The DIC should now show "READY FOR REMOTE #1"

then the rest of the steps are easy to follow as in the owner's manual pages 36-37.

Step 4. Remove the rubber mat in the center console storage area.
Step 5. Place the new transmitter into the transmitter pocket.
Step 6. Press and hold POWER two seconds. When the transmitter is programmed, the DIC will show that it is ready to program the next transmitter.
Step 7. Remove the transmitter from the transmitter pocket and press unlock key on the transmitter. To program additional transmitters, repeat Steps 5
When all additional transmitters are programmed, press and hold POWER for 12 seconds to exit programming mode.
Step 8. Now put the metallic key inside the transmitter.

I hope this helps!

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Wow, simply Wow! Thanks for the detailed explanation. For those unfortunate souls who have lost (or will lose) your fobs, this information is terrific and will potentially save big bucks. Also, this detailed information should be an additional impetus for safeguarding your fobs! DON"T LOSE THEM!!!

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Indeed! Thank you very much Joe! It was too late for me to come across your details. I have mine towed to the dealer when I can't figure out what's wrong with following the instructions. Waaah! The dealer didn't charge me for reprogramming and my towing is free (AAA insurance) though. But the hassles are too much.
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