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Dedicated CT6 Section?

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We have an ELR section, which is based off the Volt, so that makes sense. But now we have the Bolt EV section, which really shares nothing with the Volt. Why not have a Cadillac CT6 section? It's more traffic for the site, which is good.
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The Bolt is electric, which shares the same characteristics with the Volt which the site is based around.

The CT6 is neither electric, nor a hybrid, so it does not fit the characteristics of the site.

Thanks for the suggestion.
We could make a sub forum for Malibu Hybrid is there is a demand for it. Like you said, wait until there is more traffic and we'll channel them there. When this happens - let us know and we'll make a new sub-section to accommodate these members. :)

Thanks for the suggestion!

Is there a big demand for this? Do you guys already see a lot of threads that could go in there?

I've asked the mods to see what they think. I'll you know once I hear back, thanks.

Hey guys,

So the mods have spoken. They say there isn't much justification for a full section with 4 or 5 sub forums but could add a single forum for each similar to the ones in the EV competition section and that might grow into something bigger in the future if the volume justifies it.

Also, what do you guys think about a sub forum for Voltec drive trains? Both the CT6 and the Malibu would fit into that. The concern with this is that perhaps not many people would understand the entire Voltec connection. At the moment this site is for EREVs (Volt, ELR) and BEVs (Bolt EV), so this would be for Voltec PHEVs (the CT6 hybrid) and Hybrids (Malibu).

If and (hopefully) when GM brings out a Voltec based SUV -- PHEV or EREV -- I think that vehicle would be considerable attention.

What do you guys think? Let us know and we'll go from there. Thanks for your time and attention on this.

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Hey team,

Does anybody else want to chime in with their opinions or any other suggestions?

Hmmm, I only hear silence, I think the mods have already spoken and given their verdict.

~ Glenda
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