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So I'm trying to decide which dealer I'll ultimately buy a Volt from. The dealer closest to me does not have the exact configuration I want, while a few chevy dealers away they do. And while price may ultimately be the deciding factor, I also worry about service -- particularly given some of the strange occurrences with this vehicle that may require more than just regular maintenance, or "normal" warranty stuff. My concern is whether, if I buy a car from a more distant dealership, will my local guys treat me right if I have any significant problems (like something that might require a loaner)? Particularly, will they even provide me a loaner if I didn't buy the car from them?
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I purchased my 2014 Volt from a dealer about 80 miles away because they had the color and options I wanted. My local dealer does not sell or service Volts, but another dealer about 30 miles from me has a few Volt Tech's and have treated me well over the last 2-12 years. My car has always had a squeaky rear hatch and no amount of bumper adjustments has made any difference. I have finally figured out the problem is being caused by a loose bumper mount on the passenger side. The two plastic rivets that hold the threaded mount to the hatch are loose. They can't be tightened and need to be replaced. Rather than drive 30 miles to my service dealer I stopped by my local dealer to request they replace the bumper mount. They told me they do not have any Volt tech's and are not allowed to work on Volts. I said are you kidding me. This is a simple body part and has nothing to do with the Volt drive train. They still insisted they are not allowed to do any work on a Volt. What a joke.
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