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Dealer Service

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So I'm trying to decide which dealer I'll ultimately buy a Volt from. The dealer closest to me does not have the exact configuration I want, while a few chevy dealers away they do. And while price may ultimately be the deciding factor, I also worry about service -- particularly given some of the strange occurrences with this vehicle that may require more than just regular maintenance, or "normal" warranty stuff. My concern is whether, if I buy a car from a more distant dealership, will my local guys treat me right if I have any significant problems (like something that might require a loaner)? Particularly, will they even provide me a loaner if I didn't buy the car from them?
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I live within 15 minutes of 3 Chevy dealers, and within 30 minutes of another 5. When I bought my Volt I went with the dealership with the lowest price. They are not a dealership that I would EVER bring a car in for service.

For service I'm sticking with the dealership that has treated me fairly and knows what they're doing. They've worked on many of my GM vehicles and treated me the the same no matter where I originally purchased.

It's not the closest to home or work, but for me the added inconvenience of getting there is easily offset by the quality of the work done.
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