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Dealer Service

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So I'm trying to decide which dealer I'll ultimately buy a Volt from. The dealer closest to me does not have the exact configuration I want, while a few chevy dealers away they do. And while price may ultimately be the deciding factor, I also worry about service -- particularly given some of the strange occurrences with this vehicle that may require more than just regular maintenance, or "normal" warranty stuff. My concern is whether, if I buy a car from a more distant dealership, will my local guys treat me right if I have any significant problems (like something that might require a loaner)? Particularly, will they even provide me a loaner if I didn't buy the car from them?
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Dealers make their money (unless you got burned when buying) from servicing the cars. They don't care where you buy them. I purchased my 2012 Volt in Missouri and had it shipped to me. I have it serviced locally. The sales people seem to even resent the car, but the service people are great; however, my dealer has decided to not service or sell 2016 or newer Volts, YUCK. That puts my next dealer 40 miles away (my closest was 32 miles)
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