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Dealer, Green Stickers and CA rebate

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Hello all,
I'm a new Volt LT owner and had a couple questions regarding the experience with dealers applying for Green stickers and rebates.
I bought my car in the beginning of January and have yet to receive the stickers or the rebate.
I've also called the dealer numerous times and they are saying that DMV is processing sticker for December now and that they are back up and that I should be getting my rebate soon.

What have guys experienced when it comes to dealers applying for your stickers and rebates in CA?
What are some of the timelines that I should be expecting them?

Next time I'll be applying for those my self as the dealer's is not very helpful once the car is out of their lot unfortunately.
Thanks in advance and glad to be here. Great forum.
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I have zero experience with the rebate, so someone else will have to chime in.

As far as the Green HOV stickers, if you could have, you should have done it on your own (Unless it was a lease...then...yeah). It does take about a month for them to process new paperwork. You might be able to call them and get status or confirm where they are in the mail. There are phone numbers in this forum and on google to assist.

When I did mine, I did it incorrectly the first time and took almost 2 months to rectify before I got my stickers. You might be in for a wait on them. Just try calling the DMV and see if you can search by your VIN to see if they have received the paperwork.

At least give you some semblance of how the process works.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the quick response!
That's correct it is a lease and they had supposedly already applied for them before I bought the car.
I will try and call the DMV and see if I can get any information.
I bought my car 3 weeks ago and the dealer gave me my Green HOV stickers when I bought the car. Evidently they (Rydell Chevrolet in LA, CA) starts ordering the stickers when they receive the VIN's for the vehicles that are being shipped to them so they can give the stickers to the customer when they buy the car.

However, I won't likely be putting the stickers on my car because I rarely will go on the highway. I'm keeping them in the glove compartment for now. I've considered putting them on a magnet so I can only have them on when I'll need to have them on. I see them as something that breaks up the look of the vehicle. Not really ugly, just not something that adds to the car and it's appealing nature.
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