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Dead infotainment screen (and it's COLD)

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After work, I got in my Volt and the infotainment screen is completely blank (unpowered). The infotainment controls appear to work normally... they are lit up and an audible "click" is heard when they are pressed, I can change driving modes, seat heater controls work. But there is no radio, bluetooth doesn't connect to my phone, etc. Biggest issue is that I cannot control climate, and it's getting cold. I had it on Eco, which isn't cutting it for the polar vortex. Fan speed does change, I assume temp setting does too, but I can't change vents or to Comfort. Cycled car on and off a few times with no change.

Any ideas? Sounds like more than a dead display if bluetooth/radio aren't working. But a dead head unit wouldn't always blank the display (or maybe it would)? It's too cold to randomly check fuses right now, unless I know a specific one. I'll start checking my manuals for that, but appreciate any input.

Edit: fuse F4 (display) looked intact (not blown).
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I've had this happened to me a few weeks ago in my newly acquired 2013. Interestingly, the screen came on a little later during that drive.

Here i a new twist.

1) Last night, i was ready to leave work. It was around 0 deg F, my KoniVolt-2 ( 2013) was plugged in and fully charged. I did remote start, approached the car and noticed the ICE running. That should not happen while the plug is connected according to my settings.
Further more, after disconnecting and hitting the power button, the car acted as if the battery didn't exist. I could see it grayed out ( fully charged) but the car was in the ICE mode. This continued for about 7 or so miles of my drive home. No REGEN ( felt really odd), and the ICE running like mad. After about 7 miles it switched to battery power.
2) This morning, I decided to take my wife's KoniVolt-1 ( 2014). Similar conditions around 0 deg F.
I couldn't remote start. Got in, and noticed the same behavior as described above for MY2013 . Battery grayed out, only ICE
running like mad. Again - about 7 miles into my drive to work the power switched to battery.

Now - I have no history on the KoniVolt -2, but KoniVolt-1 has been around the block in much more harsh weather ( winter of 2014 / 2015 ) in upper Michigan where temps were as low as - 17 deg F ( thats MINUS) and the car worked as designed only doing ERDTT.

Has anyone experienced such phenomenon?
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Yes, see link in my signature for more info. It is engine running due to battery temperature - battery is too cold to supply power, so engine takes over until it warms up. If you were plugged in, though, the battery heater should have kicked on to prevent you from getting that cold.
YUP!.. Exactly as you described it in your original post.
The only odd thing is - I was plugged in in both scenarios, and as mentioned in my post - a few years back while I was in upper Michigan in minus 17deg F ( minus 27 C ) weather such safety mode did not kick in even. The car was parked plugged in at least a day at a time.

Thanks for the info. I was worried something went yahoo.
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