Late Night host David Letterman interviewed Tesla CEO Elon Musk and rolled out the Tesla Model S on his show. They did get around to discussing the Chevy Volt. Dave seemed very irritated with GM's bailout need, the destruction of the EV-1, and laid into the Volt on national television.

Letterman said "the Volt has a range of 40 miles, that'll get you down the driveway and back."  He said the range is "insane", "ridiculous", and "crap."

Dave didn't seem to know or care about the range extender or the fact that most people drive less than 40 miles per day, and of course Mr. Musk wasn't about to point that out.  All he was able to do was nod his head and say "right."

Though Letterman's pretending to get electrocuted when he touched the Model S, and wondering aloud whether the car might "magnetize his nuts" were funny bits they don't make up for this unnecessary slander.

Whether Letterman was truly so uniformed about the Volt or intentionally wanted to hurt GM's image isn't clear, but considering the large viewership he has, a negative effect on public acceptance of the Volt is a risk.

We can't change what happened but for what its worth I posted a video response (below) and have
written to Mr. Letterman's talent coordinator offering to go on the show to discuss the Volt and its fanbase, risking ridicule.

I doubt the show will call me but if you want to please contact them and help request it.

And though I've been a fan of Letterman since my teenage years, in this case I think he could take a lesson from Jay Leno.