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Title tells most of the story.
I've been lurking on here anonymously for years, back and forth between all kinds of Volt pages, ever since they debuted the car in late 2010. I currently own a Prius and it told me it "wants to be a Volt when it grows up", so I encouraged my 25 yo daughter to take the plunge and buy a 2013 base model.

Like another guy, hers had been sitting on the lot for quite some time and it too was deader than a doornail but it perked right up and after its first full charge in "forever" it is guesstimating 36 miles of EV range.
Since that is more than enough for her daily work commute she is already very happy. (She's a men's hair stylist)
First thing we're going to do is hunt down a bargain for a Level 2 charge unit. Right now we only have the 110 volt Level 1 charger.

Of course now I'm scouring the pages and thinking of adding some upgrades to her car, like the missing backup camera, in the hopes that I'll be able to do something similar when I get MY Volt.
I've just finished paying off my Prius so it's just a question of how much I can get for the Prius that determines when I can get MY Volt...I want to pay cash and be done with payments forever.
I might even buy a wrecked model and fix it up, depending on how much I can learn.

I am looking forward to doing a lot of learning! (of course) and I'm sure I will have a lot of stupid questions.
Here's the daughter's 2013:

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