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Use OLED displays for the dashboard with the ability to change to Hue/color. They are low on power and bright. Allow many choices of digital display gauges to choose from and have them resize and autofit the display based on what is selected. Include switches and toggle too! Everyone likes to think they are driving a fighter jet.

Allow ability to upload and access third party software "Open Source" in a secure area as not to interfere with the cars programs similar to what Google and Apple are doing. Perhaps using Linux.

For the stereo, it should be software based digital HD and NOT Delco brand. Delco is 10 years behind the times. Something like with a visual display and the ability to choose environments like Dolby digital, Hall, Prologic, etc. Include the ability to use a standard USB and/or third party Hard drive hidden in the glove box that the driver can access.

Stop the cost of ownership. Most if my friends and I are tired of paying monthly fees to use the built in services like car phones (in addition to their cell and landline) and Onstar. This adds $$$'s annually. Include standard plugs that allow current Third party gadgets to plug into the car- Like a cell phone plug.

Make portions of the care open source so anyone can customize their vehicle. Just some thoughts...
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