The Danes aren't exactly known for their local auto industry, but Danish bicycle maker Biomega aims to change that. The company unveiled an electric car on Monday with intentions to re-envision city travel.

The electric car, called the SIN, is meant for urban transport and embodies the company's idea of affordable and sustainable vehicles. Designers worked to embody their core principles found on its designer electric bicycles to the electric car. That includes lightweight materials.

The SIN is made from lightweight components including modular carbon fiber. While carbon fiber does wonders to reduce a vehicle's curb weight, it's hard to imagine the SIN as affordable should the car enter production with copious amounts of carbon fiber. Biomega said it has partnered with firms in the United Kingdom and Germany to employ an innovative manufacturing process for the SIN to achieve the car's low-cost and low-weight dream, however.

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Officially categorized as a crossover utility vehicle, SIN very much embodies Biomega's "less is more" design approach. The electric car features an open-wheel design, large greenhouse with large windows for maximum visibility, and a minimalistic interior. Four doors open up to reveal four independent seats with plenty of space, too.

Biomega was light on specifications, but it did say four electric motors power the EV, which will likely give the SIN all-wheel drive. The low weight and advanced materials will also help extend the battery range. A modular battery design is also envisioned to make battery swaps quick on the go. Again, the company didn't provide many specifics on this system, however.

Should all go to plan, Biomega hopes to put the SIN into production in 2021. EVE, a Hong Kong-based investment group for electric vehicles, has already ponied up funds to help bring the car to life.