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CUE Delay at Start-up: What's Yours?

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Curious how long a delay y'all's CUE has after pressing the power/ignition button.
Typically for my 2014 ELR, the digital introduction activates with the interior lights and instrument cluster immediately after remotely unlocking the driver's side door. Then after sitting in the driver's seat and pressig the power/ignition button, I begin to count. On average it takes my CUE 10-11 seconds to boot. With all the anecdotal issues I've read about it, I'm paying very close attention to anything that may appear suspicious. Wondering if this delay is relatively normal for y'all.
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10 seconds is about right for my original radio. The newer one, that's a 2016 is quicker.
I really noticed how the new one would just come up to the last mp3 playing immediately rather than waiting, no device, waiting, usb, waiting, song starts playing, song info in DIC and radio would be blank until I moved from tab to tab, such as selecting climate and going back to audio.
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