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I'm out at my parents house, where they are now the proud owner of a 2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-In that they picked up for about $42,000 as a Cadillac Certified vehicle with only 4500 miles on it. I'm only here for one more day, but if there's anything you'd like to know about the CT6, I'll try to find it out.

I played around with gadgets for about 20-30 minutes today, and tonight I took it out for a 10 mile drive and had some first impressions.

First off... my parents live on a gravel road in farm country in Kansas, so they have deer and lots of them that come out in the evening. We turned on the night vision camera, and before we had even left their driveway, 3 deer showed up in the night vision with yellow boxes around them, and a pedestrian alert sign popped up on the HUD. They were sold just with that feature, and also assume that the pedestrian automatic braking may be helpful too, if another deer crosses their path (they've hit them before, as well as had many near misses).

The car is amazingly quiet. My Volt is amazingly quiet too, but with the Cadillac, I couldn't hear the gas engine at all when it started up. Other than information from the gauges, I wouldn't know.

The CT6 is fast, but it uses the gas engine to get that 5.2 second 0-60 time. Bury the accelerator below about 60% and the gas engine fires up. But lets be honest, my parents are not going to be burying the accelerator.

The car is lovely and has so many elegant touches. The door handles are illuminated. The sill plates are illuminated and say CT6 Plug-in. It is a very large sedan, but the ride is comfortable and it has more than enough power.

The tech on this car is amazing. It's almost overwhelming.

The negatives...
- The trunk is small, because the batteries are located behind the seat. It's really small, especially for such a big car. I've had compact cars that had bigger trunks.
- There's no heated steering wheel. My parents old 2008 STS had a standard heated steering wheel. It's not even an option on the CT6, because there are no options, It only comes in one configuration for the Plug-In.

The odd...
- It has ashtrays in the back seat (probably because it's targeted at China and only a few hundred have made it to the US)
- It also has an optional ashtray for the front cupholder, with a heavy aluminum cover with the Cadillac Crest on it. I was in awe of how much this thing weighed. This was a non-smoker car, so luckily none of these have been used.

Tomorrow we are going to set up some cars and try out the parallel and perpendicular parking assist features. We'll also be taking it into Lawrence, KS so we'll have a longer trip to try it out on.
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