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Cruze wheels for Gen 2 Volt?

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So i wanted a spare and ended up finding a guy selling a set of cruze wheels so i bought them.
They are 15" and i saw someone posted here that they fit. I believe he put taller tires on to match
the diameter.. which I would plan to do also.

I was thinking it might be interesting to compare all 3 options, stock cruze wheels/tires, my current stock setup,
and cruze wheels with taller tires. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on making sure the test conditions are
the same.. should i just find my closes road that doesn't have much traffic and lights and drive until the electric is depleted and compare how much time it took? or maybe the time it took to deplete 25%?
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I have 2 sets of Cruze wheels for my Volt one is summer one is winter. For winter I got some Cruze wheels at a junkyard for $50 each off of the hatchback Cruze. I have Michelin X-Ice Snow 215 /50 R17 95H XL BSW on them. For summer I have the optional Cruze premium wheels with Michelin Crossclimate2 225 /45 R17 91V SL on those. So much better compared to the original energy savers on the Volt rims which those tires were the worst tires I have ever experienced in my life, like driving on glass when there is any moisture on the road.

I notice literally no range difference. In the summer when it is nice out and the AC isn't hitting so hard I can get 58 miles out of the battery on my 2017 with 50k miles on it. Just keep the pressure correct and that seems to do the most to impact milage. I went with the Cruze sizes for the tires to match the rims instead of going with the Volt size. I notice no difference, no rubbing, nothing.

I don't know if this will help you out with measurements but the above tire size is what I am running and it works great.
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